Syrian army strives for regaining opposition-held city near Damascus


Syrian rebel fighters escaping regime-led raids. File photo

ARA News

Damascus, Syria – On Sunday, the Syrian warplanes reportedly conducted tens of air strikes on the city of Zabadani in the western countryside of Damascus. 

This coincided with fierce clashes between the pro-Assad forces and rebels in the vicinity of Zabadani.

Speaking to ARA News, media activist Mohammad Shami said that the Syrian regime dropped more than 20 barrel bombs on Zabadani city on Sunday.

“Additionally, jet fighters carried out several raids on locations of the armed opposition inside the city.”

No casualties reported. 

“Heavy fighting continued until Sunday midnight in the Jamiyat district west of Zabadani between the armed opposition fighters and pro-Assad forces,” an opposition source told ARA News in Zabadani (on the condition of anonymity).

“Syrian regime army was supported by gunmen from Hezbollah and special units of the Fourth Divisionـــled by Maher al-Assad (brother of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad).” 

The source reported that the Syrian regime and Lebanese Hezbollah mobilized at least 2,500 troops in the vicinity of Zabadani. 

The city of Zabadani, located near the strategic Beirut-Damascus highway, has been held by the armed opposition forces for more than three years. 


Reporting by: Mohammed Darwish

Source: ARA News

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