ISIS commander injured in clashes with al-Qaeda near Damascus


Militants of the Islamic State. File photo

ARA News

DAMASCUS – Fierce clashes hit Damascus suburb between the radical group of Islamic State (ISIS) and militants of al-Nusra Front (Syria’s branch of al-Qaeda) on Friday evening, where a top ISIS commander was hardly injured, activists reported.

Speaking to ARA News in Damascus, media activist Ahmed Bayanouni said that rifts emerged between ISIS militants and al-Qaeda affiliated group of al-Nusra in the Wadi Musa district west of al-Tal town in Damascus suburb, “causing the injury of an ISIS senior commander”. 

“Clashes erupted between the both sides after ISIS accused al-Nusra militants of apostasy and rebellion against Islam,” the source said.

Abu Muhannad, an ISIS senior leader, who led an attack on al-Nusra headquarters in al-Tal town, was hardly injured in Friday’s clashes, an informed source told ARA News. 

“The clashes continued until Friday midnight, during which the ISIS commander Abu Muhannad was wounded along with two of his escorts,” the source said on the condition of anonymity.

ISIS seized the Wadi Musa district in al-Tal town nearly a month ago. 

“Several militants defected from the Nusra Front and joined ISIS in Wadi Musa after being lured with high salaries,” the same source said. 

The town of al-Tal is overcrowded with displaced people from other stricken areas of Damascus suburbs. ISIS power has been increasing dramatically in the area, locals said.

The town has been under blockade by the Syrian regime for 136 days. Its residents suffer from deteriorating living conditions amid a sharp shortage of basic needs of food and medical supplies, as well as flour and fuel. 

Reporting by: Adel Hassan

Source: ARA News

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