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DAMASCUS – The extremist group of Islamic State (ISIS) has released Wednesday a new video showing a militant beheading what the group claimed to be a Russian spy in the ranks of Islamic State fighters.

The video shows the executioner waving a knife and standing behind a kneeling captive. 

The video comes as Russia stepped up airstrikes on rebel groups in Syria, bolstering the military forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, according to activists. 

Under the banner “O Russians, You Shall be Disappointed and Humiliated,” the radical group shows a militant speaking fluent Russian, threatening Russia before cutting off the captive’s throat. 

The 8-minute video has been widely circulated by pro-ISIS activists and sympathizers on the social media.

The captive confesses he had been recruited by Russian intelligence to gather information on ISIS, especially from the new members who joined the group from the Caucus region. 

Khasiev Magomid, was born on August 4, 1992, in the city of Grozny in the Chechen Republic. He entered the ISIS-held territory under the name of “Haroun” by order from the Russian intelligence.

In the new video, Magomid confessed that he will disclose his real objectives through entering “​​the land of the caliphate”. 

“In June 2014, while I was on my way to Grozny returning from Maikop, where I was working and studying, a number of men stopped me,” he said. “I discovered later I was arrested by the secret police who took me to the Russian intelligence branch in the city. They accused me of drug use and then raised questions about Islamic State,” he added.

“The Russian intelligence branch asked me to enter the ISIS-held areas in Syria. I agreed and completed all the paperwork and the terms of the contract between us,” Magomid said, pointing out “I was trained on how to communicate and deal through a third broker called Grant, whom I was supposed to contact once a month.”

“I was sending him pictures of the Mujahideen and their families and the leaders’ headquarters.”

“I was also asked about those ISIS members from Caucasus, who want to return back home and carry out attacks on Russian interests,” he added.

Magomid entered the ISIS-controlled region on August 26, 2014 through a broker received him in Istanbul, and then he was transferred to Iraq, but he was arrested later by ISIS militants, according to his confessions.

“We were looking for you and you have come to us on your feet,” the masked militant said in the video, vowing Russians “you will not find safety in your homes.”

In the past, ISIS released videos showing their fighters beheading foreigners, journalists, aid workers and minority groups, like Yezidi Kurds and Christians. “Jihadi John,” who was identified as Mohammed Emwazi, beheaded his captives while he was masked.

In Wednesday’s video, the executioner shows his face unlike Emwazi.

The group’s new video shows images of Putin before the unmasked ISIS militant cutting off the neck of the alleged spy in the footage. The video ends with the man’s face overwhelmed with blood on the ground next to the body.

Since the start of the Russia air campaign in Syria last September, ISIS has threatened to carry out attacks against Russia. In Egypt’s Sinai region, ISIS claimed responsibility for downing the Russian passenger plane in late October, killing a total of 224 people.

Reporting by: Sarbaz Yousef and Resho Issa 

Source: ARA News

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