U.S., allies to accelerate fight against ISIS


A page from the ISIS magazine of Dabiq shows the terrorists involved in the Paris attacks on November 13.

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PARIS – On Wednesday, Defense chiefs from the U.S., Britain, France and other allied countries said they will intensify their fight against the extremist group of Islamic State (ISIS).

“We agreed that we all must do more,” U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said in a news conference after talks in Paris.

The Paris talks on Wednesday also included Defense chiefs from Australia, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

The ministers issued a joint statement emphasizing their commitment to the fight against ISIS, within the framework of the U.S.-led coalition “to accelerate and intensify the (anti-ISIS) campaign”. 

Paris hosted the talks just two months after the city was exposed to terror attacks by ISIS jihadis that claimed lives of 130 people and injured more than 300 others.

Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Defence Minister, told reporters that ISIS was in retreat on ground in Syria and Iraq, “because we have been able to hit its resources.”

“It’s now time to increase our collective effort,” Drian said.

Noteworthy, the Paris meeting saw a total absence of Arab states that have earlier conducted anti-ISIS raids over Syria and Iraq alongside other members of the U.S.-led coalition. The Sunni Arab countries have recently shown disappointment with the U.S. support to the Shia government in Iraq, and what some officials described as “the ambiguous position” of the western powers towards the destiny of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. 

Reporting by: Lorin Silo 

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