Syrian rebels fight back in Aleppo, impede army progress


Syrian rebels in Aleppo. File photo

ARA News 

ALEPPO – Clashes broke out on Sunday between rebel fighters and Syrian regime’s army in the northern countryside of Aleppo, military sources reported Sunday. 

Fighters of the Levant Front and Nusra Front bombed headquarters of pro-Assad forces in the Ratyan town in the northern Aleppo province. 

Subsequent to the attack, fierce clashes took place between the Islamist rebel factions and regime’s army –backed by Hezbollah militia– in the vicinity of Ratyan, where heavy machine guns were used. 

“At least 12 pro-Assad fighters were killed and a dozen more wounded in the clashes,” the Levant Front’s spokesman Saleh Zein told ARA News in Aleppo. 

The source added that three rebel fighters were killed in Sunday’s clashes. 

This comes just few days after pro-Assad troops and allied militias reported advance against rebel factions in northern Aleppo with support of a Russian air cover.

“The rebels are trying to impose a siege on Ratyan town in order to cut off the regime’s supply route and regain the town, which has been taken as a military base by pro-Assad militias after forcing the residents to escape their homes,” Zein said. 

Also on Sunday, rebel fighters of the Levant Front and Ahrar al-Sham launched a joint attack on Syrian army’s command centers in the towns of Hardanten, Nubul and Zahra, bombing army buildings with dozens of mortar shells.

The attack has reportedly caused large losses in the ranks of the pro-Assad troops centered in the targeted towns. It was not immediately clear how many casualties fell under rebels’ bombardment. 

In the meantime, Russian warplanes backed pro-Assad forces by bombing rebel fighting positions with several airstrikes across Aleppo province, forcing the rebel factions to halt their attacks and retreat.  

The recent developments in Aleppo countryside have caused the displacement of thousands of civilians. More than 15,000 people crossed into Turkey on Friday subsequent to heavy airstrikes by Russian fighter jets. 

Reporting by: Taim Khalil 

Source: ARA News

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