More than 90 people killed in ISIS-led bombings in Damascus


A file photo showing destruction caused by a car bomb attack in Sayyida Zainab district in Damascus

ARA News 

DAMASCUS – The Islamic State (ISIS) radical group on Sunday claimed responsibility for a twin suicide bombing in the Syrian capital Damascus, that claimed lives of at least 90 people and wounded dozens more.

The group has targeted the Sayyida Zainab district in Damascus with two car bomb attacks. 

“The explosions killed more than 90 people and injured 185 others,” media activist Ahmed Nassar told ARA News in Damascus. “The attacks hit the ‘Street 60’ in Sayyida Zainab district, where pro-Assad Iraqi militants are stationed.”

Most of the casualties were civilians, according to local sources. 

The targeted district is considered a main stronghold for pro-Assad Shiite militias in the Syrian capital. 

ISIS released a statement on Sunday evening, claiming responsibility for the deadly attack on Sayyida Zainab. 

Reporting by: Adel Hassan 

Source: ARA News

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