Western-backed Syrian Democratic Forces expel ISIS from main town near Hasakah


Members of the YPG, YPJ and Syriac Military Council gather during a break in the suburb of the recently liberated town of al-Hawl. They all fight under the umbrella of the Syrian Democratic Forces. Photo: ARA News

ARA News 

HASAKAH – The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) recaptured a main town south of Hasakah province in northeastern Syria after clashes with militants of the Islamic State (ISIS), military sources reported on Friday.

The SDF regained control of the Kishkish town near Shaddadi city in the southern countryside of Hasakah.

“Subsequent to fierce clashes with Daesh terrorists, our forces were able to liberate Kishkish town,” a spokesman for the SDF told ARA News in Hasakah, using an acronym for ISIS. 

At least seven ISIS militants were killed in Friday’s clashes, while the SDF lost two of its fighters before pushing ISIS out of the town, according to the spokesman. 

The Kishkish town has been used by ISIS as a supply route to launch its military operations against the Kurdish-led SDF troops in Hasakah province, especially after losing the key city of Shaddadi which used to be a main bastion for ISIS in northeastern Syria.

Also on Friday, the US-led coalition launched several airstrikes in northeastern Syria, hitting ISIS fighting positions and heavy weapons in the Ziyarat and Humera villages in Hasakah province. 

The SDF units include Kurdish, Arab and Christian fighters –mainly supported by the United States in the war on ISIS. 

The SDF military campaign in northeastern Syria aims to control the entire countryside of Hasakah province, especially after recapturing key areas from ISIS, including Shaddadi and the town of al-Hawl on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

More than 275 ISIS militants were killed and 33 ISIS vehicles were destroyed at the hands of the SDF fighters in the battle for Shaddadi, according to the SDF leadership.

“Our operations will continue until we regain the entire region from ISIS,” the SDF leadership said in a statement.

Reporting by: Ahmed Shiwesh 

Source: ARA News 

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