Dozens of civilian casualties reported in Turkish bombardment north Syria


Turkish army tanks cross Syria's border, enter Jarabulus town. File photo

ARA News 

AMUDE – Syrian Kurds have accused Turkish troops of committing a massacre against civilians in the villages of Jeb al-Kousa and Megher-Sresat, south of Jarabulus. According to human rights organisations, at least 20 Arab civilians were killed and 50 injured under Turkish bombardment.

“Turkish artillery shelling and airstrikes left dozens of casualties among civilians in the villages Megher-Sresat and Kousa,” spokesman of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) Sharvan Darwish said on Sunday.

“While our forces fighting ISIS, some Turkey-backed militias are attacking our positions and hampering our and international Coalition’s fight against terror,” he stated.

Also, the Kurdish organization TEV-DEM, linked to the Democratic Union Party (PYD), on Sunday accused the rebels and Turkish army of killing dozens of unarmed civilians, saying it’s a sign of the ‘Turkish occupation’.

Turkey claimed they had killed ’25 militants from the PKK’, despite the fact that many international human rights organizations said that civilians were killed. Injured civilians were transported to hospitals in Kobane and the city of Qamishli.

“This massacre, which resulted in killing dozens of innocent civilians, proves that Turkey-backed rebels continue their attacks against all Syrian groups and seeking to deepen the Syrian crisis, in order to divide Syrian territories,” TEV-DEM said.

“We condemn the massacre being committed in the villages of Jeb al-Kousa and Megher-Sresat by Turkish occupier troops and the mercenaries who occupied Jarabulus city,” the organisation added.

TEV-DEM called on human rights organizations and the international community to intervene to stop the Turkish occupation of Syrian cities.  Moreover, the ‘Free People Initiative’ called on Syrians to protest the ‘Turkish occupiers.’

“We call on all Syrian groups to do everything possible until the withdrawal of the Turkish occupier, hand by hand until the expulsion of the last occupier,” the group said.

Reporting by: Jan Mohammed

Source: ARA News

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