Aleppo: Russia steps up air campaign, dozens killed in air raids


A Syrian woman walks past dead men amidst debris at a site hit by what activists said were three consecutive air strikes carried out by the Russian air force. File photo: Reuters

ARA News

ALEPPO – Dozens of civilian casualties were reported in Syria’s northern Aleppo city on Wednesday after Russian warplanes launched a new wave of airstrikes on opposition-held districts.

Russian jets bombed the Mazari Shamiko District in Aleppo’s war-torn western suburbs, killing and wounding dozens.

Zakariya Hamdo, a human rights activist, told ARA News: “The airstrikes hit residential buildings in Shamiko, causing massive destruction to the district.”

“At least 23 civilians were killed, mostly children and women,” Hamdo added. At least 20 other people were injured.

“Most of the injured were pulled from under the rubble. Some of them are in critical condition,” a source in the Shamiko Field Hospital told ARA News. “Amid the current lack of medical supplies and equipment, the death toll may rise in the coming hours.”

Russian war planes also  bombed a major pharmaceutical company in Aleppo.

According to local sources, a building belonging to the ElSaad Pharmaceutical Company was hit with six rockets on Wednesday.

“The building was destroyed completely, leaving the city with an acute shortage of medicine,” Hamdo reported.

Reporting by: Muhammad Sulaiman | Source: ARA News 

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