Syrian Army impedes Islamic State advance in Homs


Syrian army forces. File photo

ARA News 

Homs – The Syrian Army repelled an Islamic State (ISIS) offensive on Friday, in eastern Homs Governorate. The extremist group had overrun several roadside checkpoints and was trying to advance into the Governorate’s rural villages.

“ISIS fighters tried to infiltrate into Homs from the eastern axis after conducting several car bomb attacks against army positions and security checkpoints,” Syrian Army officer Firas Salloum told ARA News. “The army was able to foil the attack.”

At least nine Syrian soldiers were killed in ISIS suicide attacks. Media activist Amro al-Hussein told ARA News that the Syrian Army “responded by shelling ISIS positions with heavy artillery, killing and wounding dozens of militants.”

Two weeks ago, ISIS pushed into Homs’ eastern countryside, attacking the Syrian Army’s headquarters near al-Mahr oilfield. Militants repeatedly tried to storm the fortified hilltops which abut the oilfield, employing VBIEDs and suicide squads.

While ISIS jihadists operate as a more-or-less conventional force in northern Iraq, in the Syrian Desert they fight like insurgents. The extremist group ambushes convoys and storms isolated outposts before disappearing back into the barrens.

Reporting by: Haytham Mustafa | Source: ARA News

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