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Ad-Darbasiyah, Syria – Under the banner “Pure Feelings”, an art exhibition was held last week in Zelal Center for Kurdish Art and Culture in the city of Ad-Darbasiyah in Hasaka province, northeastern Syria.

Dozens of paintings were presented in the exhibition, mainly painted by students of Zelal Center, reflecting the reality of Syria and the Kurdish areas, as well as the aspirations of these students.

Speaking to ARA News in Ad-Darbasiyah, the director of Zelal Center for Kurdish Art and Culture, Alan Khello, pointed out the importance of activities like exhibitions and plays to encourage new talents that need support.

“We provide the participants with painting tools. We also invite all cultural centers and art-interested figures and provide media coverage of our events,” Khello added.

Azmin Heddo, a teacher of art at Zelal Center, talked to ARA News about the support she received from the center during the last two years.

“This is not my first exhibition in the center. I hope artists will receive more support and encouragement,” Heddo said.

Heddo talked about the “beautiful” talents she meets through teaching students at the center.

“I hope they find the support they deserve; they will be great artists,” She said.

10-year-old Shirin Sharif told ARA News “my family encouraged me to follow art trainings at the center”.

“I had one of my paintings in the exhibition, which makes me optimistic and self-confident to go one and improve my skills,” Sharif said.

Zelal Center for Kurdish Art and Culture is one of the active educational and artistic centers in northern Syria.


Reporting by: Rozin Ali

Source: ARA News

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