after turkeys decision to deploy troops in qatar syrian kurds express willingness to cooperate with saudi arabia


After Turkey’s decision to deploy troops in Qatar, Syrian Kurds express willingness to cooperate with Saudi Arabia


A military unit of the Kurdish Popular Protection Units in Syria (YPG). File photo

ARA News

The Syrian Kurds are ready to work with Saudi Arabia, a senior Kurdish official said in response to the tensions between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which is backed by Turkey.

“Saudi Arabia is an important power in the region and it must play its role in promoting stability in Syria. We are ready to cooperate with Saudi,” said top Kurdish politician Ilham Ahmed, who is currently on a visit to Washington to discuss the ongoing Raqqa operation.

The statement comes after Turkey threw its support behind Qatar, as other Arab states imposed an embargo on Qatar. The Turkish parliament approved a motion to deploy troops in Qatar and provide food and water supplies that have been cut off from Qatar by Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and several other Arab countries have cut diplomatic ties and blocked transport routes with Qatar, after accusing Qatar of having ties with extremist groups.

The Syrian Kurds have long accused both Qatar and Turkey of supporting extremist groups in Syria, but until recently Saudi Arabia has continued backing Turkey.

On Thursday, a group of Saudi social media users on Twitter launched a campaign #saudiwithkurdistan, in response to the Turkish support for Qatar.

“Saudi supports the establishment of the state of Kurdistan, a legitimate right to the Kurdish nation to live in peace,” Saudi social media user Norah  tweeted from Riyadh.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News

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