amid intensifying conflict mosul un delivers food assistance 100000 iraqi civilians


Amid intensifying conflict in Mosul, UN delivers food assistance to 100,000 Iraqi civilians

Displaced people from Mosul taking shelter on the Iraqi-Syrian borderline. Photo: ARA News

ARA News 

Geneva Over 100,000 displaced Iraqi civilians have received food assistance from the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) amid intensifying conflict in Mosul city, officials confirmed on Monday.

“Despite opening more camps, thousands of families remain in need of urgent care and food assistance.”

Sally Haydock, WFP Country Director in Iraq, said on Monday that the organization provides aid to the IDPs, whether inside the camps or in residential areas.

“We are providing food to people who need it regardless of whether they are in camps or have stayed in their homes or surrounding neighbourhoods,” Haydock said. “People have had their lives uprooted – it is our duty to ensure that food is not an additional worry for them at this difficult time.”

According to the United Nations, the struggle of the families to find decent living conditions, affordable food, and medical services continues in many retaken areas.

Furthermore, the WFP said that attempts to reach families trapped inside Mosul continued in coordination with local partners.

“WFP is very concerned about the food security of people trapped inside Mosul, and is currently working with its partners on monitoring frontlines and working to reach families in need as soon as there is safe access,” Haydock said.

The agency confirmed it has enough rations in the Mosul area “to provide food for 2.1 million people for three days, and half a million family rations, which could feed 2.5 million people for one month”.

More than three million people in Iraq have been displaced by conflict since mid-June 2014, according to reports.

Reporting by: Lorin Silo

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