bbc reporter expelled turkey


BBC reporter expelled from Turkey


BBC reporter Jiyar Gol. File photo

ARA News

BBC reporter Jiyar Gol was expelled from Turkey on Thursday for his reports on Kurds.

“Yesterday, I was detained in Istanbul airport, searched, interrogated then deported, reasons my reports for the BBC,” he said on Twitter.

In total he was detained for five hours, and after this deported to Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq. “I was trying to enter Turkey, I was told I am banned then deported to Erbil.”

A BBC spokesperson told ARA News: “Our correspondent Jiyar Gol was detained when flying into Turkey and deported from the country. We are disappointed that the authorities took this action but we can confirm that he has now been able to continue his journey.”

The Turkish authorities were most likely angered by an older report the BBC journalist published in 2015 on a group of Kurdish and Yezidi women who joined the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). Turkish media reports claimed the journalist had made propaganda for the PKK, after Gol’s deportation.

Jiyar Gol gained exclusive access to the PKK training camp in August 2015, to see how the young women are learning fighting skills to take on ISIS.

According to Reporters Without Borders (RSF), there is an unprecedented persecution of Turkey’s journalists and media ever since last July’s abortive coup attempt last year.

“Pluralism is in the process of disappearing after six months under a state of emergency. More than 100 journalists have been put in prison, where they continue to await the start of their trials. No fewer than 149 media outlets and 29 publishing houses have been closed arbitrarily,” RSF said in February this year.

“At least 775 press cards have been rescinded and the passports of hundreds of journalists have been withdrawn without any form of judicial proceedings. Censorship of the Internet and social networks has reached unparalleled levels,” the RSF said.

Since the attempted coup, several foreign journalists have been deported and banned from Turkey for their reports on the Kurds or the situation in Turkey.

In January, New York Times veteran correspondent Rod Nordland was deported from Turkey for writing critical articles on Kurds.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News

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