dad organization promotes coexistence northern syria


DAD organization promotes coexistence in northern Syria


ARA News

Darbasiyah, Syria – Under the slogan “towards strengthening civil peace and coexistence”, the Kurdish Organization for Human Rights in Syria (DAD) held a workshop in Zalal Center for Kurdish Culture and Art, in the city of Darbasiyah, northeastern Syria.

Muhammad Khalil, Head of the Kurdish Organization for Human Rights, told ARA News that the project is meant to reinforce peaceful coexistence between the various social components in the city.

“This workshop is a part of an extended project which will last for six months including a series of meetings to emphasize the importance of dialogue and condemnation of violence in Syria,” he said. 

“Other topics to be discussed with the attendance of representatives of the different social components will include common living, elimination of domestic violence, civil society organizations and their influence on the community, media and citizenship.”

“Ad Darbasiyah city is not the only city in which these forums will be held, there are other cities such as Sere Kaniye (Ras al-Ain), Derik (al-Malikiyah), Amuda and Qamishli (Qamishlo).” Khalil clarified.

The importance of such projects lies in “bringing all of the ethnic and religious components in these cities to one round table, and adopting dialogue language, without the exclusion or marginalization of any race or sect.” he added.

According to the organizers, the project is meant to achieve the following objectives:

  • Activate the role of audio and visual media concerning the civil society culture.
  • Direct religious platforms to provide moderate religious thought, which would attract more people,and the Islamic preacher, should be educated and academic.
  • Urge the local authorities to create a favorable environment for the culture of dialogue.
  • Abandon the unilateral
  • Establish civil society institutions, and arranging cultural seminars
  • Form a credible committee from the components of the region, that should be accepted by the social community.
  • Strengthen the social relations between all of the social components.
  • Focus on women and children, and not marginalizing them.
  • Assure the idea of separation of religion and state.
  • Establish media platforms to focus on all of the components, without exclusion of any race of sect. 

Noteworthy, the Kurdish Organization for the Defense of Human Rights and Public Freedoms in Syria (DAD) started its activities in the first of July 2007 as a substantive response to act through proper democratic means, based on the international conventions of human rights.


Reporting by: Rozin al-Ali

Source: ARA News

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