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Shalal Gaddo, leader of the Kurdish Leftist Party in Syria said that the expected American strike against the Syrian regime is inevitable, adding that serious consequences may follow.  

“However, the strike is expected to start after the ninth of of September, as the holiday of the U.S. Congress ends. The strikes will be most likely limited to a short period of time,” Gaddo said.

In an exclusive interview with ARA News, Gaddo said: “what concerns us as Kurds is the “dens of terrorists” to be included in the expected strikes, such as al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) groups’ strongholds, which reportedly attemted to distabilize the peaceful Kurdish areas and tried to control it.” 

This comes after the Damascus suburbs, basically the Ghouta area, was exposed on the 21st of August to attacks with chemical weapons launched by the Syrian regime.

In a linked context, Joe Biden, the American Vice President, after the attack, told Reuters: “it is clear that the Syrian government is responsible for the use of chemical weapons against civilians last week.” “Those who used chemical weapons against unarmed men, women and children must be held accountable,” Biden stated.

Regarding the Kurdish issue in Syria and the most efficient solution for it, Gaddo said that “undoubtedly” the process of solving the Kurdish issue in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region “will be appropriate and implementable to the other parts of Kurdistan.”

“It is not reasonable to have the Kurds in the Iraqi Kurdistan enjoy federalism, whereas in those parts (Syrian, Turkish, Iranian parts) Kurds only have access to basic cultural rights and citizenry,” Gaddo concluded. 


Interview by: Zara Seida

Source: ARA News

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