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Tel Abyad, Syria − Renewed clashes took place between Kurdish armed forces and al-Qaeda linked fighters in western the city of Tel Abyad/Girespi −an area that was evacuated of its Kurdish residents due to the increasing violence.  

Unlike previous clashes in the city, two Kurdish armed groups −Popular Protection Units (YPG) and the Jabhat al-Akrad brigade− organized their ranks to jointly fight against the spreading control of the al-Qaeda affiliated group of the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) in Tel Abyad, north-east Syria. 

On Saturday, firces clashes broke out between the Kurdish fighters and those of ISIS west of Girespi/Tel Abyad.Acording to sources, the ISIS group was backed by members of the Islamis Hamza Brigade.  

Hami Hisso, activist based in the western suburb of Tel Abyad, told ARA News that the Kurdish forces attacked main headquarters of the Islamic group of ISIS in the village of Jalaba (20 km west of Tel Abyad).

“During the attack, heavy weapons were used by the Kurdish forces,”he said. “A heavy gunner ‘model 57′ was used to hit the sites of the Islamic militants.”

Members of the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) have earlier controlled several villages west of Tel Abyad, including Jalaba, East Susik and Jamis. The villages were taken as strongholds by the Islamists in the process of spreading their control over as large area as possible in north-eastern Syria.

On the other hand, battalions of the opposition’s Free Syrian Army (FSA) launched a wide military campaign against the Islamic forces, especially the ISIS group. Fighters of the FSA-linked Ahrar al-Sham battalion launched a military operation against the ISIS-controlled border crossing area in Tel Abyad on Sunday. 

The Syrian-Turkish border crossing in Tel Abyad was first controlled by the Islamic Movement of Ahrar al-Sham. Observers confirmed that an undeclared agreement was reached earlier this year between the Turkish authorities and Ahrar al-Sham to rely on the group in managing the border crossing at the Syrian side. However, the increasing control of ISIS reached the border crossing area leading to clashes between both groups.  

On July 21, 2013, Ahrar al-Sham group detained dozens of Kurdish activists in al-Raqqa city and didn’t release them yet. Detainees under Ahrar al-Sham in al-Raqqa are reportedly suffering poor health conditions, and their families were not allowed to visit them since July.  


Report by: Ridwan Bizar

Source: ARA News


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