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Qamishli, Syria− The National Hospital in the Syrian city of Raqqa confronts a dilemma of sharp shortage in medical supplies, which threatens lives of dozens of patients in the hospital.

“Despite the remarkable shortage in the necessary medical supplies and equipments, doctors and nurses make considerable efforts to continue their work by receiving dozens of patients and injuries and provide them with basic treatment,” said Dr. Hassan, a member of al-Raqqa’s National Hospital, in an interview with ARA News

According to Hassan, if the situation will continue this way without receiving medical supplies, the Raqqa hospital may soon be unable to provide patients with the needed treatment. 

“I hope that our appeals would reach any organization to respond and deliver the urgent aid, otherwise we may be unable to receive patients or injuries ‘due to war’ after days,” Dr. Hassan told ARA News

Last week, al-Raqqa news agency reported a story on “the tragedy of kidney’s department” in al-Raqqa hospital, revealing the suffering of the kidneys’ patients with the depletion of the dialysis supplies and the doctors inability to work with the available broken equipments.

Dr Hassan called on the regional powers and international community to urgently help with improving the hospital’s current situations, “otherwise lives of hundreds of Raqqa residents will be at stake”. 

“We need medicines and basic equipments to deal with the daily cases,” he said. 

Ibrahim Muslim, General Coordinator of Raqqa’s Local Council, told ARA News that the security vacuum and prevalence of armed groups in the city of Raqqa led thousands of civilians to escape and resort to neighbouring areas.

“Even prominent medical staff in the National Hospital fled the city to save the lives of their families, leaving behind their responsibilities, while those who are still in the city suffer the lack of equipments and medical supplies,” Musllim said. 

The province of al-Raqqa witnessed fierce clashes between the opposition armed forces and pro-Assad army in March 2013, resulting in the withdrawal of the Assad forces and the control of the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) battalions in the city and its suburbs. However, recently the area saw clashes between the FSA and the al-Qaeda affiliated group of Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS), leading to the domination of the ISIS on large areas in Raqqa. 

Report by: Ahmad Shweish

Source: ARA News


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