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Qamishli, Syria– On Friday, hundreds of residents of the city of Qamishli gathered to demonstrate against the Syrian regime, in response to the pro-regime march last Wednesday. School students and state employees were forced to participate in the march, according to participants. 

Hundreds of Kurdish youth, among them members of Kurdish political forces, demonstrated in response to the earlier pro-regime march. The demonstrator demanded the overthrow of the regime of Presidents Bashar al-Assad and the adoption of a federal system for Syria. The demonstrators also condemned the pro-regime march and raised banners which read: “The pro-regime march aimed at igniting sedition in the Kurdish areas and showing them as pro-Assad areas”. 

Activist Sherwan Othman told ARA News: “We took to the street to convey two messages; the first one is the affirmation of our demand for a federal system and the second is our condemnation to the pro-regime march and the use of children and students in the regime’s sedition plans.”

The Syrian northeastern city of Qamishli saw a pro-regime march on Wednesday. Most of Participants were school students and state employees. Pictures of Bashar al-Assad and official Syrian flags were raised, while the march was accompanied by members of the Syrian army. 


Reporting by: Judi Aziz

Source: ARA News


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