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Hasaka, Syria– After the Kurdish YPG forces controlled the city of Tel Birak in northeastern Syria, a security tension occurred on Sunday in the nearby city of Hasaka as Arab tribal groups took to the street raising anti-Kurds banners, threatening the Kurdish residents in Hasaka of impending attacks.  

Local sources reported that a group of armed Arab tribal youth entered the Kurdish populated district of Aziziya in Hasaka city on Sunday evening, and terrorized civilians. The same group has reportedly vowed residents of the nearby district of Salihiya −held by the YPG− to await an armed crackdown at any moment. 

Hasaka’s incidents were preceded by the control of the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) over the city of Tel Birak on Friday after three weeks of clashes with fighters of the al-Qaeda affiliated group of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and other rebel battalions including Ahrar al-Sham Movement. In Tel Birak, the Arab majority has reportedly backed the ISIL fighters against the Kurdish YPG, while the latter resorted the military operation in Tel Birak to the aim of “cleansing the area of foreign extremists (ISIL)”. The YPG forces reassured the Arab residents of Tel Birak in an earlier statement that the Kurdish forces will not target any civilians, and that its military operations are only “against terrorists who don’t belong to the region”.

Ahmad Mohammed, a resident of al-Salihiya district in Hasaka, told ARA News that approximately 50 armed Arab tribal youth entered Aziziya district raising anti-YPG banners and threatening the residents of Salihiya district “which is controlled by YPG fighters in response to the latter’s control over Tel Birak city”, 40 km north of Hasaka.

“The armed youth fired bullets in the air, amid a security alert in the ranks of the YPG fighters and the security Assayish forces in Salihiya and some parts of Aziziya district,” Mohammed reported.  

Ali Ahmad, a local activist from Salihiya district, told ARA News that the YPG backed the Assayish forces −security wing of the Democratic Union Party (PYD)− in blocking all access roads between both areas (Salihiya and Aziziya).    


Reporting by: Ghasan Mohammed

Source: ARA News


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