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Damascus, Syria− The pro-regime air force carried out several raids on the town of al-Nashabiya in Eastern Gouta in Damascus countryside on Tuesday, killing 10 civilians and injuring dozens.   

Ahmad Sabbagh, a human rights activist based in Damascus, told ARA News that the regime warplanes targeted the residential neighborhoods in the town with missiles, causing a destruction of a number of residential buildings. “At least 10 civilians were killed during the attack, while dozens others were injured and transferred to the field hospital in the town”. 

“The regime forces targeted earlier the town (al-Nashabiya) with heavy artillery from their headquarters in the Air Defense Administration in neighbouring the town of Maliha,” Sabbagh said.  

In a linked context, the pro-regime helicopters dropped explosive barrels on the city of Dareyya in Damascus suburb, causing large damage in residential neighbourhoods, but no casualties reported.

Meanwhile, clashes erupted between the regime forces and fighters from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the vicinity of Khan al-Sheeh refugee camp in the West of Damascus. 

This coincided with the regime forces closing all roads leading to the cities of Qudsaya and al-Hama in Damascus suburbs. The regime imposed a complete blockade on both cities, where the regime-led barriers prevented the entry or exit of civilians as well as the basic humanitarian and relief  supplies.


Reporting by: Jawad al-Ali

Source:ARA News


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