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Girke Lege, Rumailan, Syria− On Sunday, the oil-rich area of Rumailan in northeastern Syria saw a meeting between representatives of the Syrian Regime, Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Shammar Arab tribe and the Iraqi customs official to discuss possible reopening of Tel Kocher crossing at the Syrian-Iraqi borders and the returns of oil industry in the area. 

The Syrian regime was represented by Colonel Ahmed Nasser, while Zinar Ibrahim represented the PYD and Mohammed al-Terabil participated in the name of Shammar Arab tribe. 

An informed source, who attended the meeting and preferred anonymity, told ARA News that all parties agreed on reopening Tel Kocher (al-Yarubiya) border crossing for trade between Syria and Iraq, basically to facilitate transportation of oil production.  

According to the source (M.A.), the oil proceeds will be divided among the three parties (Syrian regime, PYD and Shammar tribe) according to specific percentages, of which the Syrian regime will receive a major share.

“The agreement signed by the parties entails that the PYD and Shammar tribe receive 15% each, while the remaining 70% was specified as returns to the regime,” said the source.   

The source also said that the text of the agreement included “pumping oil from the Rumelan wells to the town of Rabia across al-Yarubiya”. Distribution of the proportions between the parties will be implemented in accordance with the agreement. 

The oil-rich Rumailan area is under the control of the PYD-led forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) since April 2013. The Shammar Arab tribe −known for its strong ties with Syria’s Kurds− is considered an influential group in the Syrian northeastern areas, the fact which led the Syrian regime to include the group in the agreement in order to guarantee full domination over Rumailan oil fields and Tel Kocher (al-Yarubiya) crossing, observers argued. 

The PYD −affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)− has reportedly received the military officer of the PKK Murat Qaraylan in Rumailan earlier this month, local sources said. Qaraylan held meetings with the PYD’s executive committee in Rumailan. According to observers, the recent agreement between the Syrian regime, PYD and Shammar Arab tribe came after the blessing of Qaraylan, who has a considerable influence on the PYD−which is in control in Rumailan.  


Reporting by: Mir Yaqoub

Source: ARA News


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