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Qamishli, Syria– The pro-regime forces of the National Defence (ND) stormed the building of the municipality of Qamishli city earlier this week and detained a number of employees. Members of the National Defence reportedly released the detainees after negotiations with the Assayish forces −security arm of the Democratic Union Party (PYD). 

The building is mainly held by the Qamishli Assayish forces. Local sources told ARA News that the regime-linked National Defence forces also broke in Haddad Hotel in Qamishli and captured two members of Syriac Sotoro militia.

“Those groups used to cooperate together as they are all backed by the Assad regime. However, the recent incidents illustrated apparent rifts between them (ND, Sotoro and the Assayish),” said a media activist in the city of Qamishli −who demanded anonymity. “The Assayish forces surrounded the main stronghold of the National Defence (formed by Arab tribal groups) and arrested several ND members.”    

The Assayish leadership confirmed the arrest of several members of the ND on Tuesday.  

Mohammed Khelo, spokesman of the PYD-led Assayish forces, told ARA News: “Our forces detained 15 members of the National Defence in response to the latter’s detention of two members of the Syriac Sotoro group.” 

After a state of insecurity prevailed across the city of Qamishli following the growing rifts between the Assayish and the ND, an agreement was reportedly reached between the parties. The Assayish forces released the members of the National Defence after guaranteeing the same for the employees of Qamishli’s municipality and Sotoro members.  


Reporting by: Judi Aziz

Source: ARA News


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