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Damascus, Syria– On Monday, the regime forces violated the truce agreement with the Free Syrian Army fighters (FSA) in the city of Moadamiyah. 

Local activists told ARA News that the regime forces blocked the road leading to the FSA-held city of Moadamiyah for the second day respectively, which was an apparent violation to the truce agreement between the Syrian regime and the FSA rebels.  

“Sporadic clashes erupted between the pro-Assad army and the FSA fighters as regime forces were trying to storm into the city (Moadaiyah),” a media activist reported. “One pro-regime fighter was killed during the clashes, while several FSA fighters were injured.”

The regime checkpoints at the outskirts of the FSA-held city prevented the entry of basic food and humanitarian supplies to the city, despite the truce agreement declared recently by the opposition’s armed forces of the FSA and the pro-regime forces.    

Moadamiyah was one of the first cities in Damascus suburbs were a truce agreement was reached in December 2013. In the light of the agreement, the regime forces are supposed to allow the entry of basic food and humanitarian supplies to the city through opening all the roads leading to Moadamiyah, while the FSA fighters had to deliver its heavy weapons to the regime forces and raise the official Syrian flag on governmental buildings. 


Reporting by: Jewad al-Ali

Source: ARA News


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