PYD forces prevent Syrian Kurdish parties from entering Iraqi Kurdistan



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Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan– The PYD-led forces of the Assayish prevented members of the Kurdish Democratic Political Union from crossing the Syrian-Iraqi Kurdistan border post of Semalka on Suterday.   

The Syrian side of the border crossing of Semalka is dominated by the Assayish forces −linked to the Democratic Union Party (PYD)− since nearly 18 months.

The elite members of the Kurdish Democratic Political Union −recently established coalition of 4 Syrian Kurdish parties− were intending to hold a meeting in Erbil, capital of the Iraqi Kurdistan. However, the Assayish denied access of the Political Union delegation, without clarifying its position.   

The PYD and its armed wings of the Assayish and the YPG are seen by observers as a de facto authority in northern Syria −particularly areas were Kurds constitute a majority.    

The parties of the Political Union had prepared for a conference on the 3rd of March in Iraqi Kurdistan in order to announce the incorporation of the parties into one unified party (coalition). However, the conference, which was supposed to announce the foundation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Syria, has been delayed to an undisclosed time.  

Parties of the Political Union issued a statement on Sunday, condemning the practices of the PYD-linked forces which prevented the parties from holding their alleged meeting in Erbil.

“The administration of the Simalka border crossing told the delegation of the parties upon their arrival to the border crossing that they (administrators) were waiting for orders from PYD officials before allowing them (delegates) to enter Iraqi Kurdistan,” the statement said. “After waiting for two days at the border crossing, the delegation was denied entry as a clear political revenge (by the PYD which has rifts with other Kurdish parties in Syria).”   

The statement of the Political Union added: “These irresponsible procedures aim at intensifying the rifts within the Kurdish national movement and contradict Kurds’ efforts to unify.”   

“The PYD tries to exclude other Kurdish political forces in Syria, to impose itself as a de facto authority by implementing such procedures,” Political Union said. “However, we will not be driven to minor conflicts with them (PYD), and we will not be discouraged to achieve the objectives of the Kurdish national movement and the goals of the Syrian revolution to form a pluralistic and democratic Syria which respects the political choices of all the Syrian social components, including the rights of the Kurdish people.” 

The Kurdish Democratic Political Union has been formed by four Kurdish parties nearly one year ago. It explicitly opposes PYD’s policies in Syria’s Kurdish areas (referred to as Rojava).   


Reporting by: Ehmed Herbi

Source: ARA News


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