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Aleppo, Syria− Clashes erupted on Tuesday between the pro-regime forces (backed by Iraqi and Lebanese Shiite militias) and opposition fighters the Free Syrian Army (FSA) near the predominantly Alawite city of Kasab in Latakia province, west of Syria.

Mohammed al-Choufi, media activist based in Latakia, told ARA News that the clashes erupted near Chalma spring, as the regime forces attempted to record progress in the region.

The clashes resulted in the killing of one FSA fighter while eight others were injured and taken to a nearby medical point.

“The regime forces pounded with heavy artillery and rockets (lunched from the regime-held positions in the coastal town of Ras al-Baseet) the headquarters of the opposition fighters in the city of Kasab,” al-Choufi said. “While the rebels responded with missile strikes on the headquarters of the regime forces in al-Qimma 45 area”.

This comes amid air strikes by the pro-regime warplanes on villages in the countryside of Latakia province, without recording casualties.

Meanwhile, activists reported that the regime forces are preparing for “large-scale military operation” in the region in a try to regain control over the opposition held-areas. 

The province of Latakia −where Alawites constitute a majority− saw recently battles between the two sides after the opposition forces took over Kasab city and other towns and villages in the region. The fighting intensified as the rebels announced the so-called ‘Battle of al-Anfal’ aiming to control the regime-held sites in the countryside of Latakia, in addition to cutting supply routes of those forces to the areas in the countryside of Idlib, Aleppo, Hama and Homs.


Reporting by: Haya al-Abdullah

Source: ARA News


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