PYD launches ‘law of political parties’ in northern Syria

YPG fighters. File photo

ARA News

Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan– The Legislative Council of the PYD-led government (which was announced last year in areas where Kurds constitute a majority in north and northeastern Syria) issued a law for the formation of political parties last week, imposing a legal framework under which political parties must operate. The law demands political parties which were founded prior to the date of issuing this law to apply for a certification within a period of 45 days after the issuing of this law, adding that parties which do not abide by the decision “will be subject to legal prosecution”. 

Notably, the law prohibits the formation of political parties which don’t recognize the PYD (Democratic Union Party)-led government and will punish those who join uncertified political parties by imprisonment.Most of the Syrian Kurdish political parties had announced that they don’t recognize any laws issued by the self-rule administration announced by the PYD and other minor Kurdish, Arab and Syriac parties.

Speaking to ARA News, Faysal Yusuf, spokesman of the (Kurdish) Reform Movement and the former Chairman of the Kurdish National Council, called on the PYD officials to dialogue to solve the disputes between the PYD and other Kurdish parties.

“The PYD commits a fatal mistake by trying to impose restrictions on other Kurdish political forces and by trying to dominate the Kurdish social and political movement,” Yusuf said. “PYD’s practices will only bring more conflict and will have negative impacts on the Kurdish and Syrian national issues.”

Shalal Geddo, member of the Political Bureau of the Kurdish Democratic Leftist Party, expressed his views that the law of political parties was issued “unilaterally by the PYD”.

“This law is illegitimate as it has been made by PYD’s unelected institutions,” Geddo said. “It is made only to impose restrictions on the activities of other Kurdish political parties which have declared opposition to the PYD-led government (self-rule administration.” 

Noteworthy, the Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) −coalition of 16 Kurdish parties− hasn’t so far issued a statement regarding the PYD’s law of political parties. 


Reporting by: Azad Jamkari

Source: ARA News

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