Clashes renewed between Kurdish fighters and Pro-Assad militants in Hasakah

Kurdish forces of the YPG. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Hasakah, Syria – Clashes occurred on Tuesday between fighters of the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) and Arab militants of the National Defence in the northeastern Syrian city of Hasakah after the latter tried to install a checkpoint in a strategic location in a predominantly Kurdish neighbourhood controlled by the YPG.

Members of the pro-regime National Defence reportedly tried to install a checkpoint at al-Nasir Square at the entrance of al-Aziziya and al-Mufti neighbourhoods amid redistribution of YPG and Assayish forces in the area. Al-Nasir Square is considered a strategic point to control the predominantly Kurdish neighbourhoods of al-Aziziya, al-Mufti and al-Salihiya.

Speaking to ARA News, Mohammed Khalo, a resident of Hasakah, said that both sides used light and medium weapons during the clashes and that the YPG forces brought one of their armoured vehicles to the location where the clashes occurred.

“The clashes, which started at 02:30 in the afternoon and continued for about 3 hours, resulted in the injury of many civilians and several fighters from both sides,” Khalo said.

“Furthermore, fire broke out in a truck which was parked at the start of al-Aziziya Bridge and a redistribution of regime forces was seen in the neighbouring areas and near the Pullman Garage in Tel Hajar district in central Hasakah,” Khalo added.

Mustafa Haji, a local activist based in Hasakah city, told ARA News that the National Hospital in al-Aziziya district was in a “state of alert” and the ambulances “didn’t stop since the clashes started”.

“Fire broke out inside the Establishment of Water which is located at the entrance of al-Aziziya district due to some bullets which apparently reached the establishment during the clashes,” Haji said.

Notably, similar clashes had occurred between the YPG forces and militants of the National Defence in January this year in several areas of Hasakah city, while the most intense clashes happened close to the Train Station and caused the killing of 5 civilians and the injury of several others.


Reporting by: Sipan al-Kurdi

Source: ARA News

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