Fresh surge of violence hit Syria Kurdish areas

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Urfa, Turkey– The Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) and fighters of the Shams al-Shimal Brigade regained control on Monday over Tayara Hill (Sefi in Kurdish) and the villages of Nassiro and Kharos, located north of Sarin area, near Kobane city (Ayn al-Arab) after clahses with militants of the Qaeda splinter group of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

These areas were reportedly dominated by ISIL militants for hours, before the YPG and Shams al-Shimal fighters regain control over them.

Speaking to ARA News on the phone, Alan Jan, a fighter of the Shams al-Shimal Brigade, said that their fighters and the YPG’s defeated ISIL militants and forced them to withdraw from northern Sarin, leaving behind weapons.

“13 ISIL militants were captured and dozens others were killed and injured,” Jan said.

The ISIL group had announced on Sunday the control over Sefi Hill and a number of surrounding villages and the killing and injury of several YPG fighters after launching an attack against them to gain control over the areas.

A statement released by the Media Center of the YPG forces reported “the death of 35 ISIL fighters and huge losses in their ranks”.

The statement also talked about the seizing of large numbers of light and heavy weapons from the ISIL fighters.

Two YPG fighters (a male and a female) were killed, according to the YPG statement, while media sources close to the ISIL talked about the death of 10 YPG fighters and the injury of others during the clashes on Monday.

Meanwhile, renewed clashes took place on Sunday evening between the YPG forces and the ISIL militants in the countryside of Tel Abyad city, in the northern part of Raqqa province.

A local resident from Tel Ayad city (who preferred anonymity) told ARA News: “The clashes between the two sides continued for about 4 hours. 6 ISIL members were killed during the clashes, among them an Iraqi ISIL leader. The YPG forces destroyed an ISIL military vehicle loaded with Dushka gun.”

Notably, the city of Tel Abyad and its countryside has seen continuous fighting between the ISIL group and the YPG forces, which caused the death and injury of dozens of members of the two sides, while dozens of civilian fell victims as a result of this fighting.

In other developments, sources in Tabqa town in the countryside of Raqqa city, told ARA News that regime warplanes targeted on Monday evening the cross road of the town with missiles. No casualties were reported.

“Tabqa town and other areas in Raqqa province suffered from a complete power outage due to problems in the Euphrates Dam,” the sources said.

Reporting by: Ridwan Bizar and Hanaa Muslim

Source: ARA News

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