KNC delegation to Iraqi Kurdistan demands UN’s support to Syrian refugees

Syrian Kurdish refugee children in Domiz Camp, Duhok province, Iraqi Kurdistan. August 9, 2013. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan – A delegation from the Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) held a meeting on Monday with Sokol Kondi, the United Nations’ office manager in Iraqi Kurdistan. The meeting was held in Hawler/Erbil city, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Dr. Kawa Azizi, member of the KNC delegation to Iraqi Kurdistan who attended the meeting, told ARA News: “During the meeting, the two parties talked about the general situation in Syria as well as the Syrian revolution and people’s suffering due to the crisis.”

The two parties also deliberated “the situations in Syria Kurdistan (Syria’s Kurdish areas) on the humanitarian and political levels”, according to Azizi.

“The delegation pointed out that the Kurdish National Council is the legitimate representative of the Kurdish people as it represented Kurds in Geneva II conference and is part of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC). It also asserted that Kurds in Syria are part and parcel of the Syrian revolution and demand the fall of the regime with all its figures,” he said.

Azizi added that the Kurdish delegation made clear to the UN official that “Kurds in Syria suffer from siege and acute lack of health, educational, food and security services”. They also asked the United Nations to “help Kurds inside and outside Syria”, pointing to their request of “providing sufficient aid to the Syrian Kurdish refugees living outside camps and help to grant them residence permits in Iraqi Kurdistan as well as facilitating their visits to their families inside Syria.”

In the same regard, the Kurdish delegation presented a number of requests to the UN official, such as the necessity of delivering humanitarian assistance to the besieged Kurdish regions inside Syria, supporting camps as well as providing health, relief, food and service aid. KNC also demanded providing special assistance to the handicapped and chronically sick people and helping some of them to receive treatment abroad. Among other requests, supporting students and the education sector in Syria. They also talked about the 27 Syrian Kurds arrested in Mosil by forces of the Iraqi Central Government.


Reporting by Azad Jemkari

Source: ARA News

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