Syria Kurds ruled by force

Members of the Assayish. File photo

ARA News

Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan – Local activists in the city of Tirpesipiye in northeastern Syria accused the Assayish forces (the security wing of the Democratic Union Party PYD) of causing the death of an embryo after torturing its mother, Mihvana, who was arrested with her husband, Bashir Abdul-Majid Musa, member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria (KDPS), at the Assayish detention center in the city.

According to activists, Mihvana was subjected to torture while she was pregnant and as a consequence her health deteriorated and she had a miscarriage.

Meanwhile, the Assayish forces launched a new arrest campaign on Friday evening among members of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria (KDPS) which included four leaders: Nafa’ Biro, Mohammed Ali, Mohammed Sadoun, Ali Ibrahim, in addition to several other members of the party in Derik city and its countryside, northeast of Syria. After detaining them for a couple of hours the Assayish forces expelled them all to the Iraqi Kurdistan territory, activists reported.

The expelled KDPS leader, Mohammed Sadoun, stated to ARA News: “Four vehicles full of armed men raided my house and arrested me in front of my family. After leading me to an unknown destination, the armed men of the PYD expelled me to Iraqi Kurdistan.”

“The PYD (political leadership of the Assayish) is trying to impose its policies in northern Syria by force and prevents our party (KDPS) from practising its political activities,” Sadoun told ARA News.

The Assayish forces had also raided the house of Haji Kalo, member of the Central Committee of the KDPS, but they didn’t find him at home.

Talking to ARA News about the arrest campaign in Derik city, Suleiman Kerro, member of the media office of the KDPS, said: “The arrest campaign carried out by the PYD members is a coward act and results from the fear of the PYD leaders from the formation of the KDPS. Moreover, the PYD apparently resorts to oppression because it is losing more supporters and which will have negative impacts on on its leadership. The PYD will end up with the removal of the Syrian regime.”

Coinciding with the campaign in Derik city, the Assayish forces carried out an arrest campaign among the KDPS members in Tirpesipiye city, 30 km east of Qamishli city, resulting in the arresting of Qasim Diyab, Piroz Othman and Lawin Kalesh.


Reporting by: Azad Jamkari

Source: ARA News

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