Kurdish protesters at the both sides of Syrian-Turkish borders, protesting against practices of Turkish border guards, on Tuesday,May 20, 2014. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Derik, Syria – On Tuesday, residents of the border village of Banoki in the countryside of Syria’s Derik and residents of the neighbouring Turkish village of Babliya gathered at the barbed wire fences, which mark the border between the two countries, to protest against the killing of a Syrian Kurdish woman by the Turkish border guards on last Sunday.

Suad Doshi was shot dead by the Turkish border guards on Sunday while trying to cross the border into Turkey “illegally” from the Syrian northeastern city of Derik. Doshi was accompanying her two sons, aged 6 and 7, when the Turkish border guards opened fire and shot her in the head. Both children were returned to Derik.

Mohammed Salih, a resident from the Syrian border village of Banoki and a participant in the protest, told ARA News: “We protested together with residents of Turkish villages against the inhuman and arbitrary practices carried out by the Turkish border guards.”

Turkish border guards have on occasions beaten people who tried to cross illegally into the Turkish territories and on other occasions even shot people dead.

“At the beginning of the crisis in Syria, the Turkish Army tolerated the crossing of the border by Syrians until smugglers from all the villages of Derik started to smuggle tobacco and other products, which apparently prompted the Turks to tighten the illegal border-crossing,” said Salih.

“However, beating and shooting people shouldn’t be the way to respond to those who try to cross illegally,” he added.

Notably, the Turkish Army allowed the protesters on both sides of the border to reach the barbed wire fence ad didn’t try to interfere in the protest or pressure the people.


Reporting by: Memo Kurdi

Source: ARA News

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