Horror of explosive barrels reach Syria’s Daraa

Syrian family survived bombardment of a residential building hit with explosive barrel by pro-regime air force. File photo

ARA News

Daraa, Syria– The pro-regime helicopters launched on Wednesday an air strike on the towns of al-Musefra and Taseel in the countryside of Daraa, south of Syria. At least, three civilians were killed and several others were injured.

Haitham Nassar, a civil rights activist based in the city of Daraa, told ARA News that the pro-Assad helicopters dropped explosive barrels on the residential neighbourhoods in the town of al-Musefra, leading to the death two civilians and injury several others.

“Meanwhile, similar strike hit the town of Taseel in the countryside of Daraa, killing one civilian and wounding 7 others who were transferred to the field hospital in the town,” Nassar reported.

Nassar pointed out that the pro-Assad warplanes launched an air raid on the city of Inkhil in the countryside of Daraa, “the damage was limited to materials”.

In the meantime, clashes broke out between fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the pro-regime forces in the city of Bosra al-Sham, in Daraa province. a number of Assad soldiers were reportedly killed as their military vehicles was targeted with a thermic rocket by the FSA fighters.

Ahmed al-Hassan, media activist based in the city of Daraa, told ARA News that the town of Nawa in Daraa countryside was exposed to air strikes by the pro-regime air force which targeted the town with explosive barrels on Wednesday evening.

“One woman was killed and at least 10 other civilians were injured in Nawa attack,” al-Hassan reported.


Reporting by: Ahmad Hammad

Source: ARA News

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