Violence and fear constrain education in Syria’s Hasakah

Students attending a lecture at al-Furat University in Hasakah. File photo: ARA News

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – The Faculty of Education in Hasakah University, a branch of al-Furat University in Deir ez-Zor, announced last week the postponement of the practical exams for second and third year students.

The decision came after the clashes broke out between the Popular Protection Units (YPG) and Assayish (military and security arms of the Democratic Union Party PYD) on the one hand, and the pro-Assad National Defence militants (backed by armed men from the National Youth Party for Justice and Development headed by Perwin Ibrahim) on the other in Hasakah city in northeastern Syria since Tuesday, which led to several casualties among civilians.

Massoud, a student at the Faculty of Education in Hasakah, told ARA News that Dr. Ismail Omari, the Dean of the Faculty of Education, informed them that the practical exam for the Arabic language and all practical exams in the college were postponed, in coordination with the Department of exams at the same college.

The decision was taken by the collage as the majority of students did not attend their classes due to the unstable situation in the city, especially the Kurdish-populated districts of Salhiya, Aziziya and Mufti, where militants of the National Defence imposed a siege.

Students based in other areas in Hasakah province, such as Qamishli, Amude, and Darbasiyah, also did not attend their classes in Hasakah University for fear of clashes inside the city, local sources told ARA News.

Ali Ahmed, Hasakah University student, talked to ARA News about how he escaped the clashes in the city with a group of colleagues, when they departed after announcing the postponement of the examination.

“We arrived in the city center (of Hasakah) as sounds of fire increased between the warring parties, hiding among the streets for fear of being hit with stray bullets or even arrested by the National Defence militants (loyal to the regime) for we are Kurds (referring to arrests on racial basis),” Ahmed said.

“As we were stuck in the clashes’ location, we found out that there are snipers at the tops of buildings. We could not imagine that we will go out alive, especially after one of our colleagues lost consciousness out of fear,” Ahmed told ARA News. “Then we slowly and cautiously exited the areas through a YPG-held checkpoint. The Kurdish YPG forces provided us with a  microbus in order to get out of the city safely.”

Meanwhile, a meeting was held on Firday between several Arab tribal figures in Hasakah, during which the participants discussed the possible formation of an Arab armed group in Ghueran district in a try to protect the Arab areas from “the attacks of the Assayish and YPG on the background of the recent clashes and the arrest campaign carried out against civilian Kurds in the city, local sources from Hasakah told ARA News.


Reporting by: Dilshad Mohammed

Source: ARA News

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