YPG forces arrest rival Kurdish activists, north Syria

Kurdish forces of the YPG. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Amuda, Syria – Members of the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) launched on Thursday midnight an arrest campaign among youth activists and rival Kurdish politicians in the northeastern Syrian city of Amuda (27 km west of Qamishli) city, northeast of Syria.

The YPG forces (military wing of the Democratic Union Party PYD) arrested several young activists as well as the Deputy Chairman of the Local Committee of the Kurdish National Council (KNC) in Amuda.

Local sources in Amuda city stated to ARA News that members of the YPG forces raided the house of Dr. Luqman Hussein, Deputy Chairman of the Local Committee of the KNC in Amuda, and took him to a YPG detention center.

The YPG members also raided the house of activist Siwar Hitu (who happened to be in Turkey now), the former chanter in the anti-Syrian regime protests in Amuda city, and arrested his brother, Yasir Hitu.

Forces of the YPG also surrounded the house of Ibrahim Ali, a former activist in the anti-regime Local Coordination Committee (LCC) in Amuda. Ali was arrested after an inquiry at the Assayish center (security wing of the PYD) about the reason for raiding his house, activists reported.

According to activists, the house of Abdul-Majid Shangali, a former administrative officer of the LCC in Amuda, was raided amid reports talking about the arrest of his cousin Yasir Shangali.

Local sources assured “the YPG forces inspected the houses of the arrested activists and messed up in the private contents of their houses without revealing the reasons behind their campaign.”

Noteworthy, some of the arrested activists were released on Friday afternoon, while a number of others are still held by the YPG forces.

On Tuesday, the YPG forces captured Hussein Shihada, member of the Local Committee of the KNC in Amuda city and member of the Amuda Charity Association, and released him one day later without revealing the reasons behind his arrest.


Reporting by: Farman Hussein

Source: ARA News

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