Syrian air force intensifies Aleppo raids

Victims of air raids in Aleppo. File photo

ARA News 

Aleppo, Syria –A least four civilians were killed and dozens of others wounded on Friday during attacks by pro-Assad forces against residential areas in Aleppo, local sources reported.

The Syrian air force bombarded on Friday evening Akhtrin district in Aleppo suburb, killing three civilians and injured several others.

The town of Hayyan in Aleppo countryside was exposed to similar bombardment by pro-Assad forces, claiming life of one civilians and resulting in a number of injuries beside a wide material damage in the residential buildings in the town.

Imad Hussein, civil activist from the city of Aleppo, told ARA News that the pro-regime forces targeted Hayyan town with heavy artillery from their headquarters in the village of Sheikh Najjar near the Industrial City in Aleppo, killing one civilian and wounding three others.

“The injured were transferred to the field hospital in the town,” Hussein reported.

The pro-Assad warplanes also targeted with missiles the al-Atareb town, the city of Tel Rifaat and Orim al-Kubra village in Aleppo countryside.  While Masakin Hanano neighbourhood in central Aleppo was exposed to bombardment with explosive barrels dropped by Syrian air force’s helicopters, local sources reported.

Talking to ARA News, Mahmoud Azzo, civil activist based in Aleppo, pointed out that several civilians were reported dead including women and children in the neighbourhood of al-Ashrafiya (where Kurds constitute a majority) in Aleppo city after the Syrian air force dropped explosive barrels on the neighbourhood.


Reporting by: Haya al-Abdullah

Source: ARA News

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