Former Syrian prisoners performing a play on torturing methods they were exposed to. File photo

ARA News

The Syrian Assembly for Human Rights issued a report last week talking about the “prisoners’ catastrophic conditions” in Sidnaya military jail, one of the biggest jails of the Syrian military intelligence.

The report includes testimonies of many prisoners estimating the number of arrested people with 14 thousand, most of them women and children, who received unjust verdicts of either 15-year imprisonment or death.

NGOs observing the violations of human rights in Syria reported that “thousands of citizens are now in the regime’s prisons, suffering from the worst systematic torture in human history, many of them were physically and psychologically impaired”.

An eight-page report issued by the UN High Commission for Human Rights talked about horrible testimonies of 38 regime-tortured people, whom the Commission investigated without mentioning their names.

In this regard, Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, condemned the “torture prevailing in the governmental arrest centers in Syria”.

The UN report says: “Men, women and children are often abducted from their houses, jobs, streets or even at governmental checking centers, then moved to official or covert arresting centers.”

Munzer Iskan, a former Kurdish political internee in Syria, talked to ARA News about the Syrian regime practices against prisoners saying: “In regime prisons, security systems practice all types of physical torturing such as electric shocks, the flying rug, the chair, the moving wheel and the silicon stick. These are special tools belonging to the Syrian political security and they violate all human rights criteria.”

Iskan talked about the psychological torturing: “We were given relaxing ataractic drugs to confess our charges easily as well as reclusion. Sometimes, they fill half of this reclusion with water and put the detainee naked in there.”

“Each prison contained 100 prisoners; it was difficult to sleep. Each one can sleep one hour each 8 hours, which makes it two hours and a half per 24 hours, intermittently. We stand up alternatively in the rouse hours,” Iskan told ARA News.

The reports issued by the violations documenting centers in Syria talk about “brutal methods” and “systematic repression” of the political internees “of all ages”.


Reporting by: Azad Jemkari

Source: ARA News

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