Turkish border guards shot Syrian man dead

Syria-Turkey borders. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Efrin, Syria – The Turkish border guards killed on Saturday evening a Kurdish young man from Syria’s Efrin while trying to cross into Turkey.

Ahmad Mohammed, 22-year-old resident of Deir Sawan village in Efrin area, north of Aleppo, was shot dead by the Turkish border guards while trying to cross the borders illegally.

Speaking to ARA News, a doctor who checked Mohammed’s dead body in Afrin Hospital said: “The victim was shot in abdomen, which led to internal bleeding, causing his death.”

The doctor, who preferred anonymity, said that Mohammed was left bleeding for hours at the border-line, before some villagers found and moved him to the hospital in Efrin city.

This is the third case during June where civilians, illegally crossing Turkish borders, are being shot. Several other cases took place in the last few months. Many Syrians protested in May against what they described “brutality of Turkish border guards“.


Reporting by: Jinda Ahmad

Source: ARA News

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