We try to ease Syrian’s sufferings in Kobane: SNC member

SNC member Hivaron Sherif (R). File photo

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Amoda, Syria Under accusations of corruption, non-fulfillment of duties and repeal of trust, Hivaron Sherif, representative of the Kurdish National Council (KNC) in the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), talked to ARA News to defend her position and highlight the “truth” about accusations directed to her recently by the KNC Local Council in Kobane city, north of Syria.

The statement issued by the Local Council of the KNC in Kobane city talked about Sherif’s non-integrity and repealed trust from her. In this regard, Sherif said: “It is not a mere statement made by the local council, but a declaration made by an irresponsible anonymous member whose aim is to distort my reputation and impair the local council as well.”

“Repealing trust from a Coalition member is not part of the local council’s authorities, as I’m an elected member by KNC. It takes place in case of committing legal crimes. While for non-integrity, it is meant to merely impair my reputation.”

Talking about the statement’s claim of not providing help to Kobane’s people by Sherif, as a Coalition member, she said: “As a Coalition member elected by KNC, I’m supposed to communicate exclusively with the Kurdish Council as we work for the sake of all Kurdish areas in Syria. However, I do my best to help my city of Kobane.”

“I have talked many times with the SNC-led Interim Government, especially the minister of finance, Ibrahim Miro, last December, and briefed him about the situation of Kobane but he gave me instead Syria Reconstruction project to be studied by the council and did not promise me of anything then,” she told ARA News.

“On March 3, 2014, I met the minister (Ibrahim Miro) again and pointed out the deteriorating life conditions in Kobane concerning water, electricity and communications and he promised to help. One week after the meeting, I talked to the representatives of Kobane local Council and civic society bodies, Antar Na’san, Mostafa Mistow, Mostafa Ismael, Mhi al-Dein Ismael and Saleh Qeti, and asked them to prepare the water project plan that will be funded by the Interim Government and even sent project proposals via email. However, I found no collaboration.”

Sherif continued in the same context, “I contacted Mahmod Haman and Mohammad Ma’rof as they work in the water sector; they promised to help. I also contacted Ferhad Shahin and sent him project proposals patterns to prepare the water project as soon as possible, as the Interim Government allocated, few days ago, 100 thousand dollars to fund this project. However, I did not receive anything yet.”

Sherif talked about another attempt to help residents of Kobane, saying: “I contacted Omar Ati, the head of Kobane’s Local Council. I asked him to provide me with the names of the employees dismissed by the regime government as well as the names of the qualified people in the region to be hired in the planned reconstruction assembly, statistics assembly and transitional justice assembly. We are still waiting the lists.”

Sherif mentioned her communication with the doctors of Kobane to provide them with medicine and fund the oxygen-generating project.

She also talked to ARA News about the visit of the SNC’s Kurdish members to Gaziantep governor to facilitate the politicians’ movement from Syria into Turkey, as well as the talks with the Local Administration ministry in the SNC-led Interim Government for fair representation of Kobane and Efrin in Aleppo provincial council.”

Regarding the financial part of her work in the KNC and the Coalition, Sherif pointed out: “I have received 100 thousand Syrian Liras from the KNC. While 50 thousand Syrian Liras was given to each one of Mostafa Mistow, Mahmod Kalo and Omar Ati.”

She denied taking any amount of money from the local council itself “though other council members received money twice”.

Sherif clarified that the KNC members in the Coalition do not receive salaries, neither from the KNC nor the Coalition, except for the members of the political assembly.

Sherif told ARA News that she submitted a letter to Kobane’s Local Council with a financial statement detailing the sums which the local council received from donors.”I’m not a member in any of the council’s committees to be accused.”

Sherif mentioned that she also attached her letter with a complaint to the Local Council to investigate and relieve her from the false accusations made by an anonymous member.


Interviewed by: Ferman Hussien

Source: ARA News

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