Aleppo in turmoil

Syrian family escaping aerial bombardment in Aleppo. File photo

ARA News

Aleppo, Syria – Three civilians were reported dead and several others wounded on Monday, in an aerial bombardment by the pro-regime warplanes on the towns of Aleppo province, north of Syria.

Speaking to ARA News, from Aleppo, civil activist Imad Hussein said that the pro-Assad warplanes targeted Harbil town with guided missiles, killing three civilians and wounding several others.

Hussein pointed out that the town of Ibin Samaan was also exposed to aerial bombardment with heavy machine guns, without reports of casualties.

Meanwhile, rebels of the Islamic Front bombed gatherings of al-Qaeda splinter group of the Islamic state (previously known as ‘ISIL’) with artillery and heavy machine guns, near the towns of al-Baruzeh and Gaytun in Aleppo countryside, injuring a number of ISIL militants.

Hussein Abdul Salam, another activist in the city of Aleppo, told ARA News that the pro-Assad helicopters dropped two explosive barrels on al-Firdos neighbourhood, killing four civilians and causing large damage in residential buildings.

“Members of the Civil Defence teams are trying since Monday afternoon lifting bodies of the victims from the rubble of the damaged buildings,” Abdul Salam said.

These developments coincided with clashes between the pro-regime forces and rebels of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Salah al-Din neighbourhood in Aleppo, which led to the death of one soldier from the regime forces and the injury of several others. Similar clashes also took place in Sakhour neighbourhood of Aleppo and its central prison’s vicinity, local sources told ARA News.


Reporting by:  Haya al-Abdullah

Source: ARA News

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