Australian Islamists to be arrested after joining Syria’s IS

Mohammad Omar, Australian member of IS, holding heads of two Syrian soldiers

ARA News

Hasakah , Syria — On Tuesday, the Australian government issued a warrant for arresting two of its citizens who participated in the war in Syria.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the arrest warrant was issued after the publication of photographs of these Australian citizens carrying heads of the pro-Assad soldiers after being slaughtered in Raqqa province, which is controlled by militants of the Islamic State (IS).

The head of anti-terrorism unit in the Australian Federal Police, Neil Gauguin, told the ABC that the arrest warrant issued against two Australian members of IS, Khaled Sharuf and Mohammed Omar, on charges of terrorism.

Gauguin mentioned that the two Australians joined the Islamic State after travelling to Syria and Iraq in December, 2013.

Sharuf published, on his personal account on twitter, pictures belonged to Omar holding heads of two pro-Syrian regime soldiers.

The Islamic State group captured dozens of pro-Assad soldiers after control of the army Division 17 in Raqqa suburb, following fierce clashes over two days, local activists told ARA News at the time.

Noteworthy, the Australian government and other Western governments expressed fears of increasing numbers of Australians and foreign fighters from the European countries, America and Canada, joining the ranks of terrorist groups in Syria.


Reporting: Jiwan Ibrahim

Source: ARA News

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