PYD to enforce ‘conscription law’ in Syria’s Kobane

Kurdish forces of the YPG in Efrin, northwest of Syria. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Kobane, Syria – The PYD-linked People’s Council of Western Kurdistan in the city of Kobane (Ain al-Arab) in northern Syria decided to implement the recently announced conscription law in the area.

The law, which was ratified earlier this week by the legislative council of the Auto-Administration in northeastern Syria (led by the Democratic Union Party “PYD” and other allied parties), is applicable on young men between 18 to 45 years old in Kobane area.

Preferring to stay anonymous for security concerns, one of the government ministers of the PYD-led “Democratic Auto-Administration” told ARA News: “The law file was handed over to the executive committee in the Administration to be in force within days.”

Speaking to ARA News, lawyer Ferhad Baqir from Kobane expressed his understanding to the duty of land defence.

“People of the different political, social and tribal backgrounds should defend the region based on their material and incorporeal capabilities and with their free will not by force,” Baqir said.

However, Baqir thinks the conscription law lacks “the consensus of the mass will of the Kurdish street”.

“The law was approved by one political party (PYD) while it should have been approved by all Kurdish forces, for its importance,” Baqir told ARA News on Wednesday.

The experienced lawyer also pointed out that “laws in general, and the law of conscription in particular, are made by legislatures in independent sovereign countries, where elections are based on democratic organized mechanisms”.

“I think Rojava (Syrian Kurdish areas) still need a lot to achieve this,” Baqir added.

Baqir finds the conscription ineffective as “the Administration could have used more encouraging ways to push young men to defend their land enthusiastically”.

“These procedures will lead to more national bleeding and youth migration. Who stays will adhere to this law but unwillingly,” he said.

According to Baqir, there are several legal gaps in the law of conscription, especially “concerning the age and rules of recruitment as to its term and so on”.

The “Democratic Auto-Administration” also issued the law of conscription in “al-Jazeera territory” in northeastern Syria. However, it comprised only people between 18-30 years old.


Reporting by: Raman Ahmad

Source: ARA News

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