Syrian army regains Homs gas field from IS militants

Al-Shaer gas field in Homs, central Syria. file photo

ARA News

Damascus, Syria Following intensive clashes with al Qaeda splinter group of the Islamic State (previously as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ‘ISIL’), the Syrian regime forces announced its control on al-Shaer gas field, east of Homs province.

General Staff of the pro-Assad Syrian Army issued a statement declaring its re-control on the field after two weeks of Islamic State (IS) militants’ domination.

The Syrian local TV broadcasted earlier on Sunday the regime forces in a deserted area in Homs province, claiming it was al-Shaer field.

“Following accurately-planned operation, regime forces held the area killing tens of terrorists (in reference to IS militants),” Syrian national TV reported.

On the other hand, a source close to the Islamic State stated to Reuters that the withdrawal of IS militants came “after destroying the machinery and vehicles and confiscating 15 tanks and tens of missiles used to safeguard the field”.

The same source pointed out IS group’s aim of leaving the area for the regime, saying “there was no point in staying there. Otherwise, we are an easy target for the regime’s warplanes”.

“We wanted the tanks and missiles and we got them,” the IS-linked source added.

The Islamic State controlled al-Shaer gas field nearly two weeks ago, following intensive clashes with the regime forces, which resulted in the death of 300 pro-Assad soldiers and detention of a number of the field workers by militants of the Islamic State.


Reporting by: Jwad al-Ali

Source: ARA News

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