Caesar.. man who leaked images of 11,000 Syrian victims appears in US

Caesar (blue) at the U.S. House of Representatives. AP

ARA News

Kilis, Turkey In a hearing session convened by the Foreign Relations Committee of the American House of Representatives early on Friday, the former Syrian regime army’s photographer, known as “Caesar”, testified concerning the allegations of torture carried out in Syrian prisons.

“Caesar”, also known in media as “Kaiser”, remained anonymous in front of the American representatives, who were concerned about the confidentiality of his identity.

Caesar appeared before the U.S. House of Representatives wearing a blue jacket and a mask concealing his face. He spoke while turning his back to the attendees”.

“Caesar” talked about his work of photographing the bodies of the dead detainees in the Syrian regime’s prisons.

“I was storing the photos in a secret protected computer and had been gradually transfering them to the opposition since 2011,” Caesar said.

Caesar displayed the photos of “11 thousand victims” out of “55 thousand”, saying: “I took these photos with a colleague of mine.”

The images showed tortured and distorted people and even people who died out of hunger.

“The torture was large-scale and systematic, and included children, women, young men and elderly people, no matter Christians, Muslims, Druze or Alawites,” he said.

Caesar pointed out that the orders to commit torture were received from senior leaders in the Syrian regime.

“I witnessed many atrocities: bodies like skeletons due to hunger, in which each body had a serial number,” Caesar added.

Speaking to ARA News, Basam al-Ahmad, spokesperson of the Center for Documentation of Violations in Syria, commented on the issue saying: “These documents will not justify international intervention in Syria as there is no interest in that.”

“Barrel bombs thrown on Aleppo by the regime’s warplanes at mid day need no files and documents to prove it,” al-Ahmad said.

Commenting on Caesar’s point of “having different sectarian and ethnic backgrounds among the detainees”, al-Ahmad told ARA News: “That’s true. However, the majority of detainees are of one faction (in reference to Sunni Muslims).”

At the end of his testimony, Caesar said: “These photos represent more than 10 thousand dead victims who can’t be brought back to life; nevertheless, there are more than 100 thousand detainees still in al-Assad’s prisons waiting to be saved.”


Source: ARA News

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