Iraqi Yezidis captured, slaughtered by Islamic State militants

Yezidi woman who escaped Shingal following IS control, taking shlter in Sinjar mount, north of Iraq. Photo: Activists

ARA News

Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan – After al-Qaeda offshoot group of the Islamic State (IS) took control of the Yezidi-majority area of Shingal in northern Iraq, IS militants reportedly “captivated” dozens of Yezidi women, according to Shingal survivors.

Speaking to ARA News in Duhok, Saber, member of a Yezidi family from Shingal (whose women were captured by IS group), said: “My family consists of four women, two little girls and an old man. They were in Shingal when IS militants entered the area. Unfortunately they couldn’t escape. When I called our house’s landline, I was shocked that one of the IS militants replied saying ‘they are held here’.”

“I’m very worried about their destiny, especially after receiving information that IS kills all men and captivate women in Shingal,” Saber told ARA News.

Ismail Qasim, a resident of Hardan village of Shigal area, told ARA News that the Islamic State group led many women to an unknown destination.

“Several women and children from my family are held by the IS group,” said Qasim. “I’m stuck in Duhok city and unable to do anything for them.”

In the same context, the media activist Narin Shemmo talked to ARA News about the situation of the displaced Yezidi families of Shingal, who escaped to the nearby Sinjar mount, saying: “The relief that was supposed to arrive yesterday did not arrive. Those displaced civilians are starving and no body is helping them.”

According to the IS-linked Sahawat News agency, IS militants killed thousands of what they described “apostates Yezidis”, trapping thousands of families and slaughtering the throats of their men.

Noteworthy, the Yezidi member of Iraqi Parliament, Vian al-Dakheel, delivered a speech to the parliament on Tuesday saying: “Our women are being ravished and sold in the slaves market by IS terrorists”.


Reporting by: Jano Alyani

Source: ARA News

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