Islamic State offers captured Yezidi women for sale in north Syria

Displaced Yezidi families in Syrian Kurdish area of Derik. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Girke Lege, Qamishli, Syria – Local source in al-Hol town, south of Hasakah province, told ARA News that militants of the Islamic State (IS), an al-Qaeda offshoot group, brought hundreds of the Kurdish Yezidi girls from the dominated Iraqi area of Shingal to the towns of Tel Hamis and al-Hol in Hasakah province, northeast of Syria, in order to sell them as “war captives”.

Speaking to ARA News, Abu Riad, one of al-Hol residents, confirmed that the women kidnapped by IS extremists are currently being held in a building in Tel Hamis, and are sold to people at a price ranging between 25 to 50 thousand Syrian pounds (about 150 to 300 $) each.

“The number of Yezidi women in the building exceeds the 200,” he said.

Abu Riad pointed out that militants of the Islamic State collected the plundered house ware and furniture in Shingal in the courtyard of the Municipality of Syria’s Tel Hamis and offered them for sale.

Raman Yusif, a Kurdish political activist, stated to ARA News that the captured girls are aged 15 to 20 years.

“The IS militants showed them to al-Juhaish Arab clan in Tel Birak district in al-Hasakah province, northeast of Syria, specifically in the village of Shiha,” Yusif reported. “Many of the captured Yezidi girls were delivered to the well-known al-Sulaibi family who are close to the Syrian regime and considered the most influential pro-Assad thugs in that area.”

“The oldest captives were sold by 6 thousand to 15 thousand Syrian pounds (about 30 $), while the youngest were given for 50 thousand SP ($50),” Yusif told ARA News.

This comes after the IS recent attacks on Shingal area in Nineveh province of Iraq at the beginning of August, where they reportedly killed and displaced thousands of Yezidi Kurds.


Reporting by: Mir Yaqoub

Source: ARA News

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