PKK demands Western support to fight Islamic State in Iraq

PKK fighters. File photo

ARA News

Erbil, Kurdistan Region – Jamil Bayik, head of the PKK-linked Kurdistan Society Organization, issued a statement calling on the West to support the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) to fight militants of the Islamic State (IS) –an al-Qaeda offshoot.

Bayik demanded the western powers support the PKK instead of the Peshmerga Army of Iraqi Kurdistan.

“True warriors who fight against IS should be supported with arms. I do not deny that there are other parties fighting IS but our movement (in reference to the PKK fighters) bear the main brunt in this war. So those who are arming any party should know the efficiency of that party, they are obliged to arm the resistant ones,” Bayik told the German Allegemeine agency.

“This is the truth. If they handed over weapons to the party or people fleeing (in reference to Peshmerga forces who withdraw from Shingal area earlier this month), this means the loss of weapons to the hands of IS extremists,” he said.

Bayiq apparently echoes media outlets close to the PKK and PYD (Democratic Union Party ‘PYD’, Syrian version of the PKK) in undermining the capability of the Peshmerga forces to defeat IS group in northern Iraq. “The Peshmerga forces handed over their weapons to IS and fled Shingal area following IS control of Nineveh province in northern Iraq.”

Bayik accused the Peshmerga of reluctance to defend the Yezidi minority in Shingal against IS militants.

“Fighters of the President of Iraqi Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, escaped from IS, leaving unarmed civilians to face a horrible destiny on their own, hoping they may gain sympathy from the international community to provide them with sophisticated weapons,” Bayik argued.

On the other hand, Bayik emphasized that the PKK fighters “saved tens of thousands of the Yezidi refugees who escaped IS terrorism”.

“IS does not only threaten the Kurds, but they will soon target the West. So, the international community should reconsider the urgent need to support the PKK troops because they are the most serious party to fight against this terrorist organization,” he added. “PKK fighters should not be neglected by the Western countries.”

Meanwhile, the German News Agency (DPA) quoted Angela Merkel saying on Sunday that Germany will not provide the PKK with any weapons, as the group is listed as a terrorist organization.


Reporting by: Silava Ahmed

Source: ARA News

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