Pro-Assad forces execute military pilots for refusing orders

Pilots of Syrian air force during training. File photo

ARA News

Hamah, Syria – Military forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday executed three military pilots in the Syrian western province of Hamah.

Under the pretext of refusing orders by higher ranked officers, the pilots were executed in the regime-held military airport in Hamah, sources close to the Syrian regime told ARA News in Hamah. 

Anti-Assad rebels of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) targeted a Syrian warplane last week, which apparently caused a state of panic among pro-Assad military pilots.

According to sources, FSA rebels posses advanced anti-aircraft weapons. “Such weapons possessed by the rebels spread a state of fear among members of the Syrian air force.” 

Noteworthy, two of the executed pilots were Alawites from Latakia; Colonel Pilot Nofal Dayoob and Brigadier Pilot Ahmed Ghanim. Whereas the third was from Sweida’s Druze minority, known as Colonel Sami Rizq. 


Reporting by: Zeydoon al-Hamwi

Source: ARA News

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