Syrian dissented officer invents anti-aircraft battery

ARA News

Hasaka, Syria One of the biggest hardships the Syrian armed opposition faces in achieving remarkable victory against the Syrian regime is the latter’s possession of a powerful air force.

In this regard, one of the Syrian air-force-dissented officers announced recently his success in inventing anti-aircraft battery, chargeable by use of an electric plug.

The dissented officer, Abu al-Baraa, said that his invention would confuse the regime air force.

“I am still working on improving the design of the battery to be more fatal,” Abu al-Baraa said.

The dissented officer pointed out in an interview with The New York Times that his battery “is the solution for the armed opposition forces which have more missiles than batteries”.

“The opposition forces did not receive enough training on operating batteries, so they consume a lot of them,” Abu al-Baraa clarified.

According to the dissented officer, the improved battery complies with the Soviet missiles system SA7.

Abu al-Baraa said that he started working with the Syrian opposition following his dissidence in 2012 without being affiliated with a certain rebel faction.

“I have communications with different groups including the Free Syrian Army (FSA),” the officer said.

“I decided to design the battery after I heard of Ahrar al-Sham’s (a Syrian rebel group) unsuccessful attempts to invent SA7 missile batteries.” Abu al-Baraa said. “The missiles were not accurately hitting their targets; they used to deviate from the track.”

The materials used to design the battery consisted of broken and damaged equipment such as electronic devices of radio and fridge condensers as well as electric wires and plastic pipes.

Many military and security experts expressed their fear of confiscating such weapons by “extremists” and using them against civilians.

“This battery may revive the unusable expired missiles of the Black Market,” experts said. “In case this battery proved to be effective in targeting the regime’s aircrafts, the equation on the ground will change.”


Reporting by: Zaradesht Khalil

Source: ARA News

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