‘No revolution in Syria, but terrorism’: MP

Syrian MP Sharif Shahada

ARA News – Exclusive 

Qamishli, Syria With the outbreak of the Syrian crisis, many pro-Assad politicians and analysts appeared on Arab media to justify the Syrian regime’s practices and policies.

Sharif Shihada, Syrian MP and one of the most popular Assad defenders, talked to ARA News about the recent developments in Syria and expressed the view of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad on several contemporary issues.

Regarding the regime’s position on the announcement of Caliphate by militants of the Islamic State (IS) in eastern Syria and several Iraqi provinces, Shihada said: “The Syrian government does not recognize armed terrorist groups.”

IS Ambitions  

“They are expiatory and carry radical dogma of al-Qaeda. This group does not represent true Islam,” he said. “Terrorists of IS went too far with their ambitions, but the (pro-regime) Syrian Arab Army will soon cleanse the Syrian territory from all terrorists, then those foreign militants should either return home or be mercilessly killed.”

According to the Syrian Member of Parliament, Assad’s forces have intensified their operations against the strongholds of IS in Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor “to liberate Syrians”.

“We guarantee our dear citizens that this group will be eliminated by efforts of our national army,” Shihada told ARA News in an exclusive interview.

No Revolution

Shihada believes that some regional and western powers provide “terrorist groups in Syria” with weapons and logistical support ” to disturb Syria’s national security”. 

“Those who still believe that there is a revolution in Syria should review the criminality shown by those thugs,” he said.

According to Shihada, the main opposition force of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) does not exist anymore.

“We (the regime) do not differentiate between the so-called FSA, Jabhat al-Nusra, Islamic Front or Islamic State; they are all terrorists who try to control people’s lives by force under attractive banners such as freedom and in the name of Islam,” Shihada said.

“The U.S. tries to promote the so-called moderate rebels in order to gain a kind of legitimacy by providing them with weapons and military training, but this is a clear attempt to destroy Syria and eliminate its sovereignty,” he added. “The U.S. is a main supporter to terrorist groups in Syria.”

According to Shihada, the pro-regime army defeated the FSA (the main armed opposition body). “The FSA does not exist anymore. Those who fight the Syrian regime at the moment are merely radical Islamists.”

Iran and Russia 

Shihada stated to ARA News that Russia respects Syria’s sovereignty, “that’s why it prevented any western intervention in Syria”. 

“As a permanent member of the Security Council, Russia has maintained the credibility of this institution; otherwise, pro-terrorism western powers would have mercilessly destroyed our entire region,” he said.

Answering ARA News‘ question about the Iranian intervention in Syria, Shihada said: “Iran is a main ally, and it intervenes in Syria to save people, unlike the western powers who intervene to cause more death and destruction.”

“Syria is fighting terrorism on behalf of the entire region and even the world, so our allies are showing their support because they believe in our intention to defeat terrorism,” he added. “The whole world has seen the brutality of those terrorists fighting in Syria.”

Shehada asserted that the Syrian government did not spare any efforts to expel terrorists from Syria. “It is the government’s responsibility to defend the Syrian people in all provinces.”


Regarding the recently announced Auto-Administration by Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Syria’s Kurdish-majority areas, Shehada conveyed the Syrian regime’s point of view saying: “The Syrian government will not allow any autonomous entity on the Syrian land. Syrian Arab Republic will never allow any faction to establish a self-rule administration.”

“Kurds are our siblings and essential part of Syria’s social fabric. “We respect the Kurdish people. They are an integral part of this region,” Shihada told ARA News. “The Kurdish people in Syria enjoy all their rights, thus they should fulfill all their duties.”

“People who try to live separately and independently from Syria are not welcomed and we do not recognize them,” the MP said. “The place of the Kurds is inside Syria, and everybody should understand that division will lead to unforgivable consequences.”

Interviewing by:  Dilshad Mohammed

Source: ARA News

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